Do not Forget Your Funnel!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our series of small articles on the new weekend warrior auto mechanic. In the last article we have some of the tools that you want to get. In today’s article, I’m going to discuss the most overlooked tool in any mechanics collection and that is the funnel. Funnels are so useful in auto mechanics that’s it’s sickening to think about the fact that they are usually about $ 1 and yet I hear about how they need one.

When buying funnels for your own use, I like to buy three different styles. The first short tapered funnel This is the type of funnel that you typically think of a big wide mouth at the top and a short spout clickfunnels pricing review.

You’ll use this funnel for oil changes, or filling your coolant. The second type of funnel that I recommend They are typically 8 to 14 inches in length and have a 3 to 5 inch wide opening at the top of the mouth. These are great funnels for filling things like power steering fluid, transmission fluid, etc. The third kind of funnel to buy is a flexible shaft funnel. These are typically always made out of metal and the bottom end of the funnel is bendable to get around firewalls and various other bends. It’s also very small at the beginning.

Now, no matter what funnel you use make sure to clean the funnel well after every and every use. Typically water based fluids like radiator fluid is not compatible with the variety of oil based fluids your car uses and should not be cross contaminated. This is also why I always store funnels with the wide face end facing down as it helps prevent debris.

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